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Chairman : Dr. R.K. JAIN
                     PRINCIPAL, ADIT
Faculty Coordinator: Mr. KALPESH N. SHAH
MO: 9427062268
Email : meet_kalpesh@yahoo.co.in


AUTOMOBILE Prof. Yagnesh Gambhava 9824384884 yagnesh.patel44@gmail.com
COMPUTER Prof. Bhagirath Prajapati 9173062555 bhagirath_123@yahoo.co.in
CIVIL Prof. Vatsal Patel 801851704 vatsalp1976@gmail.com
ELECTRICAL Prof. Dhaval Tailor 9601290378 tailordhaval@gmail.com
EC Prof. Rutvij Joshi 9898988242 ec.rutvij.joshi@adit.ac.in
FPT Prof. A.S. Nandane 9904947589 anilnandane@rediffmail.com
IT Prof. D.J. Prajapati 9925042680 it.djprajapati@adit.ac.in
MECHANICAL Prof. Kalpesh Shah 9427062268 meetkalpesh1872@gmail.com
ASH Prof. T.D.Shah 76000021328 trupti1328@ymail.com
Student Secretaries :
(1) Sarthak Shah (EE Department ,2 nd Year) Mo : 7043736981 E-MAIL ID: sarthakshah35@yahoo.in
(2) Vedant Rajput (ME Department ,2 nd Year) Mo : 8511544159 E-MAIL ID: vedantrajput99@gmail.com
Joint Secretary :
(1) Binjan Shah (IT Department, 2 nd Year) Mo: 7778008180 E-MAIL ID: binjan.shah@gmail.com


Sr.No Title of Committee Name of Faculty coordinator Name of Student coordinator Mobile No. Email Id Dept./Level
01 CORRESPONDANCE/ DOCUMENTATION Mr. Bhagirath Prajapati Aashish Arora Karan Parikh 7405069859 8460360812 ashisharora97@outlook.com kranparikh978@gmail.com CP/2nd Year IT 2nd Year
02 GRAPHICS/STAGE Mr.Dhaval ailor/ Mrs.T.D.Shah Bhumi Dhameliya Azim Surani 9601691280 8460878920 Bhumi.dh@gmail.com Azimsuro786@gmail.com ME/2nd Year IT/2nd year
03 LOGISTICS Mr.Yagnesh Gambhava Reshav Sakhiya Yash Sanghadia 8140940153 9408737214 Reshav_sakhiya@gmail.com ysanghadia97@gmail.com ME/2nd Year Auto/2nd year
04 PHOTOGRAPHY/ PUBLICITY Mr.Dinaesh Prajapati Swar Patel Shivani Joshi 7046697733 7284824414 Swarpatel1997@gmail.com Shivanij704@gmail.com CP/2nd Year FPT/2nd Year
05 FINANCE Mr.K.N.Shah/ Mr.Rutviz Joshi Prerak Shah Sahil Vohra Thakker Kush 9662270084 8866272187 9408964669 prerakshah840@gmail.com vohrasahil58@gmail.com kushthakker6648@gmail.com CP/2nd Year ME/2nd Year Auto/2nd year
06 ANCHORING Mr.Vatsal Patel/ Mr.Anil Nandane Pankti Bhatt Suchit Shah 9408035160 9409068240 Panktipunk97@gmail.com suchitbshah@gmail.com Civil/2nd Year

The Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) is the leading National Professional non-profit making Society for the Technical Education System in our country with the motto of Career Development of Teachers and Personality Development of Students and overall development of our Technical Education System. At present, ISTE has a very large and an effective membership base consisting of more than 1,02,985 Life Members, 5,54,094 Student Members, 2410 Institutional Members (including IITs, IISc.., NITs and other leading technical institutions), 1214 Faculty Chapters and 1322 Students' Chapters and 17 Sections throughout the country. Being the only national organisation of educators in the field of Engineering and Technology, ISTE effectively contributes in various missions of the Union Government. The Ministry of Human Resource Development, CTE/Department of Science and Technology/MIT/State Govts. are well associated with the ISTE for programmes relating to technical education.

The major objective of the ISTE are:
Major Benefits of becoming an ISTE Member :
Sr. no. Title of activity Date Duration Nature of the activity Local/State/National No. of participants Name of the Co-coordinator Funding agency if any Remarks (Document attached)
01 Expert Talk on "Autodesk Fusion 360" 29/07/2016 1: 00 Hr. Local 15 Students Dr.D.A.Jani & K.N.Shah NIL As a part of Curriculum
02 Seminar on " Career option after Graduation" 08/09/2016 1 Hour Local 48 Students K.N.Shah NIL Under " SME- ADIT"
03 Expert talk on " Student awareness program for Indian Nuclear Power Program" 08/09/2016 2 :00 Hr. Local 150 Students Dr.Y.D.Patel NIL Under " SME- ADIT"
04 Seminar on " Ansys" 21/09/2016 1 Hr. Local 41 Students Mr.K.N.Shah Nil Under " SME- ADIT"
05 Seminar on " Ansys" 23/09/2016 1 Day Local 42 Students Mr.K.N.Shah Nil Under " SME- ADIT"
06 Inaugural Function of " ISTE Student Chapter " 27/09/2016 2 :00 hrs. Local 200 students + 30 Faculties Mr.K.N.Shah ADIT/ISTE Under " ISTE- ADIT"
07 Expert Lecture on "Indusrial Safety" 10/03/2017 2 :00 hrs. Local 104 students + 20 Faculties Mr. Mitul Malli & Mr. K.N.Shah ADIT Under " ISTE- ADIT"
08 Expert Lecture on " Basic Design of Pressure Vessels using ASME section VIII Division 1 " 25/03/2017 2 :00 hrs. Local 100 students + 15 faculties Mr. Tejas Prajapati/ Mr. Dhaval Darji ADIT Under " ISTE- ADIT"
09 Workshop on FEM 02nd & 03rd March 2017 6: 00 hrs. State 30 studdents Mr. Ruchir Desai Mr. Sankalp Soni ADIT Under " TECHFEST '17- ADIT"
10 Workshop on "Welding Technology" 02nd & 03rd March 2017 6: 00 hrs./Day State 50 studdents Mr. Mitul Malli ADIT Under " TECHFEST '17- ADIT"
11 Expert Talk 02nd March,2017 1: 30 hrs. Local 32 Students + 14 Facuties Dr. Dhaval Jani ADIT Under " TECHFEST '17- ADIT"