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Student IDEALAB ID Project Guide IDEALAB ID Name of the coordinator Name of the Project Guide Title of the Project Stream of the project (Programme) Conclusion of the project Which kind of facility utilized by project handler in Idea Lab?
IDEAL0400SAB19102 IDEAL0400FAA1754 Madhav Makwana Prof. Dhaval Tailor Robots to pickup and play Lagori Mechanical and Electrical The Prototype is successfully developed and participated at national level event ROBOCON 2022 at IIT- Delhi. 1) 3D Printers, 2) Compressor, 3) Drilling Machine, 4) Vinvy plotter, 5) Electronics workbench
IDEAL0400SAB16120 IDEAL0400FAA1758 Yash Singh Dr. Viranchi Pandya Ultrasonic (HC-SR04) Interfacing, Buzzer, LED using Arduino Uno R3 Electronics and Communication At the end of implementation we can detect the objects (Obstacles) in the path of Ultrasound Waves in the range of threshold distance as per set.1) Electronics Workbench, 2)Computer Workstation
IDEAL0400SAB16122 IDEAL0400FAA1758 Mishra Karan Dr. Viranchi Pandya IOT Based Smart Web Controlled Notice Board Electronics and Communications When a user sends a message, it is received by a NodeMCU Module through Local Web Server. A display connected to a server system which should continuously listen for the incoming messages from the user, process it, and display it on the LCD screen. The me 1) Node MCU (ESP8266-12E Board) 2) Bread board 3) Jumper wire 4) Potentiometer (10k) 5) Liquid crystal display (JHD162A 16X2 LCD Display)
IDEAL0400SAB26382 IDEAL0400FAA1758 Vaishnavi Prajapati Dr. Viranchi Pandya Mini portable speaker Audio system After the implementation of amplifier circuit, we can amplify the low amplitude signal into high amplified signal and get the output using Speaker. 1) LM386 Speaker 3.5mm jack Capacitors 2) Resistors 3) Battery Connecting Wires
IDEAL0400SAB26376 IDEAL0400FAA1758 Prachi Ajay Raichura Dr. Viranchi Pandya Temperature based fan control using Arduino Automation Temperature controlled fan regulator system can be implemented in scenario where closed room temperature needs to be maintained like in green house, heaters, coolers, server rooms etc which will use the closed loop system to regulate the constant temp by 1) Arduino (2) bread board (3) male to male jumper wires (4) battery (5) resistors (6) capacitor (7) buzzer
IDEAL0400SAB16119 IDEAL0400FAA1758 Premkumar M. Mistry Dr. Viranchi Pandya Smart Pot DashboardSmart Farming4 Smart Pot dashboard it’s a combination Green Earth and technology, can be used in many places such in green house farming, home gardens, pots, etc... this project further expanded as IOT based system which will continuously monitor the plants stats and up 1) Arduino Uno 2) Bread Board 3) Jumper Wire 4) 20 x 4 LCD with I2C module 5) Soil Moisture Sensor 6) LED 7) LM35 8) LDR 9) Resistors
IDEAL0400SAB16123 IDEAL0400FAA1758 Kartik V. Bhatia Dr. Viranchi Pandya Radar System using Arduino Uno Electronics The project aims at design of a Radar prototype which detects distance and position of object/person within the range of 180° angle . (1) Electronics workbench (2) Computer system
IDEAL0400SAB16121 IDEAL0400FAA1758 Yogendra C Adesara Dr. Viranchi Pandya LED control with Relay module IOT The output of project is switching between the two LEDs mounted on breadboard which are controlled by Relay module programmed by Arduino Uno. In place of LEDs we can also connect bulb,motor,etc. (1) Electronics Workbench (2) Power supply (3) PCB drill machine (4) Soldering Iron and 24v relay Prototype board (PCB) 5)Connecting wires 6) two LEDs 7)Arduino Uno 8) Bc547 transistor 9) 1k and 100 ohm resistor 10)Breadboard Header pins (male and female)

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