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Chairman's Message

Education is said to be the transmission of knowledge, culture and civilization.

Principal's Message

It gives me immense pleasure to greet and welcome you all on behalf of the entire ADIT family.

ADIT Science Club

  • To introduce observational, logical and analytical approach among the students
  • To gain basic knowledge of engineering sciences
  • To develop awareness and concern for scientific issues in personal, social, environmental and technological contexts
  • To established a link among Science, Mathematics and Engineering
Proposed activities
  • To encourage school/college students to develop better understanding of engineering sciences by organizing various expert talks, workshop, quiz competition and poster presentation
  • To highlight novel engineering concepts
  • Celebration of Science, Mathematics and Engineering days
ADIT Science Club Committee
  • Dr. Vishal.N.Singh (Club Chair)
  • Dr. Abhay K.Dasadia (Coordinator)
  • Dr. N.B. Desai (Member)
  • Prof. Kumarpal Trivedi (Member)
  • Prof. N.K.Chavda (Member)
  • Prof. Drashti Bhatt (Member)
  • The ADIT Science Club has a specific objective as it aims to explain, exhibit and demonstrate scientific activities
Various Clubs
  • Energy awareness Club (Coordinator- Prof. N.K Chavda)
  • Space and Astronomy Club (Coordinator- Prof. Kumarpal Trivedi)
  • Environment awareness Club (Coordinator- Prof. Drashti Bhatt)
  • Mathematics Club
    1. Dr. N.B. Desai (Coordinator)
    2. Prof. Sachin Patel (Member)
    3. Prof. Mukesh Patel (Member)
    4. Prof. Kinnari Patil (Member)
    5. Dr. Rajiv Viradia (Member)
  • Ancient Science Club (Coordinator- Dr. Abhay Dasadia)

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