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Chairman's Message

Education is said to be the transmission of knowledge, culture and civilization.

Principal's Message

It gives me immense pleasure to greet and welcome you all on behalf of the entire ADIT family.


No. Name of Various Committee Convener
1. Infrastructure Planning Committee Dr Rajiv Bhatt
2. ADIT Committee of Reforms-ADIT CORE Dr Y D Patel
3. Internal Quality Assurance Committee(IQAC) Dr Narendra Chauhan
4. Institute Innovation Council (IIC) Dr Viranchi Pandya
5. Industry, Institute Interaction and Placement cell (III and P Cell) Prof.Devang Shah
6. Personality Development Program Committee Dr S K Misra
7. AICTE IDEA Lab Dr. Y D Patel
8. Library Committee Prof K J Chudasama
10. Student Counselling Committee Dr N B Desai
11. Academic Section Prof A Y Joshi
12. Green Campus Committee Prof Mehul Patel
13. ADIT Central Committee Dr A R Tapre
14. Class Time Table Committee Prof DarshanYagnik
15. Website, Public Relation, Publicity (Social Media) Cell Committee Prof Nayan Mali
16. Office Automation Committee Dr Dinesh Prajapati
17. PG and Research Committee Dr Mitesh Shah
18. ADIT Alumni Association Dr SudhirVegad
19. Internal Complaint Committee Prof Gopi Bhatt
20. Women Development Cell Prof Gopi Bhatt
21. SC/ST/OBC Committee Prof Manisha Makawana
22. Staff Development Committee Dr Mitesh Shah
23. Anti Ragging Committee Prof Siddharth Shah
24. Physically Disability Grievances Redressal Committee Dr Hardik Shah
25. Grievance Redressal Committee Dr Y D Patel
26. Event Management Committee Dr Sudhir Vegad
27. Scholarship Cell Prof Jayandrath Mangrolia
28. Central Admission Committee Dr Anant Kulkarni
29. Dead Stock Committee Dr Shivmurti Shrivastava
30. Consultancy Coordination cell Dr Anant Kulkarni
31. ISO Committee Dr Bhagirath Prajapati
32. Emergency, Safety, Security and Lift Committee Dr H A Shah
33. Food Safety and Standard Committee (Ref Act2006) + Potable Water Dr P R Prajapati
34. Cleaning & Waste Management Committee Prof.Bhavin Patel
35. Press and Media Cell Dr Sanjay Patel
36. Transportation and Logistic Committee Dr Sanjay Patel
37. Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance Committee Prof Sankalp Bhatiya
38. PUC Center Committee Prof Samarth Shelat
39. ADIT Hostel Administrative Committee Prof Siddharth Shah
40. ADIT Disciplinary Committee Dr Kiran Patel
41. ADIT Internet and Network Related Committee Prof.Anand Pandya
42. ADIT Science Club Dr Abhay Dasadiya
43. Various Professional Bodies / Chapters Dr A S Nandane
44. Center of Excellence (COE) in Robotics, Autonomous and Intelligent Systems Dr Y D Patel
45. COE in Machine Learning and Data Science DR N C Chauhan
46. COE in Multimedia Signal Processing Dr H N Patel
47. COE in Advanced Communication Technologies Dr P R Prajapti
48. COE in Design Prof Bala Dutt
49. COE in Food Product Development and Modelling Prof A S Nandane
50. COE in Noise, Vibration and Frequency Prof H B Joshi
51. COE in Road Safety Dr Ajith Tom James
52. COE In E- Mobility Dr Nimit Patel
53. ADIT Publication and periodicals Committee Prof.Aniruddha Kurtkoti
54. Foreign Student Cell Dr Mitesh Shah
55. Houses Core Committee Dr. A R Tapre
56. Photography Committee Prof Mitul Malli
57. Prize and Certificate Distribution committee Prof. Priyanka Puvar
58. Hospitality committee Prof Ishita Theba
59. Light, Sound, Auditorium committee Prof K M Shah
60. Fine Arts and Stage Committee Prof Ankita Singh
61. ADIT Academic Advisory and Reforms Committee Dr.Shivmurti Shrivastava

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