SME Student Chapter

Names of the Office Bearers
Prof. V.N.Singh
Prof. Kalpesh N. Shah
Prof. Ayanesh Y. Joshi
Prof. K. N. Shah
Mr. Sankalp Soni (4thME)
Mr. Arth Patel (4th ME)
Mr. Moiz Eralwala (4th ME)
Mr. Chiranjeet Desai (4th ME)
Mr. Parth Patel (3rd ME)
Mr. Raj Patel (3rd ME)
Number of Members : More than 300
Membership Fee : Rs 50/- For Four Years
Meeting of the Members : General Body (twice in semester)
Student Commitee (twice in semester)
Activity Carried Out by the Society : To Organize
  • Guest Lectures and Seminars
  • Technical Events
  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Field Trips
  • Welcome and Farewell for Students
  • Student Welfare etc
Contact :
Google Group : "SMEADIT" or
Web Page Committee : Prof. Ronak Shah
Events Conducted :

  1. A three day National Event titled “ABACUS_13” during 4th to 6th, March, 2013.
  2. Workshop on Robotics, CFD, RAC, CAD, Aero modeling.
  3. Group disscussion on "Selection of Institute Electives in Sem-IV "
  4. Field tripe to Ukai Dam,Surat for 3rd year students
  5. "Sports Fiesta"- A sports week for Mechnical Department students
  6. Robotic workshop and seminaar on "Basic Wired Robotics"
Events Conducted :
  1. ROBOKITS for students to participate in various events
  2. Platform to conduct various activities