Message From Principal

Dear Students and Teachers,

I welcome you all in beginning of the academic year 2018-19. The student's sincere hard works, teacher's timely guidance and efforts brought good result of 8th semester first batch of GTU. I congratulate all the graduate students and their teachers that their work has gone to the field for real acid test to serve the society. I am sure, the graduate from ADIT through SPU made their recognition and brand in the industry and academia the same and better trend will continue with the GTU. Many have got the job and few have got admission for higher studies, some are planning to pursue higher studies and/or preparing for competitive examinations.

I also learnt that some are planning to go out of country for job/ studies. The dear graduate engineers, the engineering education at the institute is to learn about the problem and try to find possible solutions of the same. Many a times, the DAY-1 student may not be deliverable to the industry but his attempt of understanding the problem and attempting

shows his keenness. You are now ambassador of the Institute. Let us keep learning update yourself every day and raise the bar of self. This will lead automatically raising the bar of the Institute. Please do not hesitate to come to your Alma Mater, your teachers and staff both will welcome you. If you need any time any help, in your placement, in taking some crucial decision, the selfless teachers at the Alma Mater will always be available for the same.

I wish all of them good luck.

Dr. Rajeev Kumar Jain
Professor & Principal