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Department of Mechanical Engineering

Sr. No. Title of Research Proposal Granting Agency Amount (INR)
1 Effect of Nano fluid in heat transfer characteristics of double pipe heat exchanger GUJCOST, Gandhinagar 22,000/-
2 CoGasification of agricultural waste biomass and coal with H2O In a bubbling fluidized bed gasifier for H2 rich gas (in association with ISRRE) GUJCOST, Gandhinagar 6,50,000/-
3 Identification of cost effective thermal energy storage material for solar thermal power generation (in association with ISRRE) GUJCOST, Gandhinagar 3,17,500/-
4 Design and development of Thermo Acoustic Refrigerator ISHRAE ISPG 49,000/-
5 Study of low cost biogenic fuels with Steam and Air Fluidized Bed Gasification for Synthesis gas production with Gas impurity concentration. SSIP 10000/-
6 Modelling and Simulation of Automated Ball Throwing Machine SSIP 15000/-


Faculties of Mechanical Engineering Department have undertaken a task of formation of videos (audio translation from Hindi to English) in collaboration with SSE Academy pertaining to various software’s used in Mechanical Engineering Department. This will be available for general public on cost basis and will be available free of cost for the students of ADIT. The details of activity undertaken is enumerated as under:

Sr. No Subject Content
1 PTC Creo Introduction, Sketching, Part, Sheet Metal, Drawing View, Assembly
2 AutoCAD Introduction, 2D Drawing Tool, 2D Modification Tool, 2D Annotation, Isometric & Orthographic, 2D Advance Tool, 3D Introduction, 3D Modify Tool, 3D Advanced Modeling, Productive Command, Mesh/surface Modeling

Patent Filled

Sr. No Product developed Relevant Area of Mechanical Engineering Name of the faculties
1 Combustor for Micro Gas Turbine Engine Micro Combustion Dr. Ronak R Shah(Patent Application No.:201621005952 A)
2 Cryo probe Cryogenic Engineering Dr. V N Singh, Dr. M I Shah and Prof. N V Parmar (Patent Application No.: 201721014074 A)

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