Information Technology Department Profile

To mould the students with basic engineering knowledge and necessary IT skills to produce young technocrats having high calibre and commitment towards development of information and knowledge based solutions for the real world problems of the society

To provide our students with quality engineering education in IT to undertake research at the frontiers of computing technologies and to serve the community and the profession

Programme Outcomes
• Knowledge of core engineering courses, mathematics, communication skills, engineering design and management concepts
• An ability to solve engineering problems by identifying, analyzing and formulating the computing requirements
• Knowledge of programming languages, and programming skills
• An ability to design and implement a software system, component, process, or IT package to meet desired industry/society needs within constraints such as resources, time, and cost
• An ability to use techniques, skills, software, equipment and modern engineering tools to analyze and solve problems
• An ability to work individually as well as in multidisciplinary teams to accomplish the common goal
• An understanding of professional, ethical, legal, security and social issues and responsibilities in engineering practices
• Ability to integrate knowledge of Information Technology with Electronics & Communication Technology, and other engineering disciplines so as to work in multidisciplinary environment and contribute to solve real world problems
• Ability of self-leaning towards upcoming software tools and technologies
• Management skills to work in IT industry and also to become an entrepreneur in the field of Information Technology
• An ability to understand and analyse the local and global impact of IT on individual, organization and society
• An ability to establish wired and wireless networks according to the demand and effectively diagnose network related issues

Programme Educational Objectives
• To provide students with knowledge of core engineering courses, mathematics, and management to enable them to formulate, analyze, and solve engineering problems
• To provide students with fundamental knowledge of core information technology courses and practice the concepts studied through laboratory experiments and projects
• To prepare students with breadth knowledge in areas of information processing, and communication technologies, so as to enable them to identify problems/needs of the industry/society and develop their software based solutions
• To provide students with active learning environment and opportunities in which they can pursue self-learning, develop oral and written communication skills, management skills, work independently, as well as work in multidisciplinary group
• To equip students with fundamental IT skills and knowledge of latest technological trends so as to satisfy the requirement of the industry or to work as an entrepreneur

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