ISTE Faculty Chapter

ISTE Faculty Chapter's Events

Event No. Organizing
Event Topic Co-Ordinator Date/Duration
1 CE Workshop on “Adobe Flash cs3” Prof. Bhagirath Prajapati 23.07.2011 & 30.07.2011
2 CE Seminar On “Robotics and Artificial Intelligence” Prof. M.P.Patel 18.04.2011
3 IT Workshop on “Matlab” Prof. Sandip Vaniya 09.04.2011 to 10.04.2011
4 EC Lecture series on “ Recent trends in Electronics and communication” Prof. Shailesh Khant
Prof. Pravin Prajapati
01.04.2011 to 06.04.2011
5 EE Expert Lecture on “Non Destructive Testing –II” Prof. B.U.Kansara 21.02.2011
6 EC Expert Lecture on “Antenna and Wave propagation” Prof. Shailesh Khant 12.02.2011
7 IT/CE Workshop on “ Data Mining” Prof. Shalini Singh
Prof. Priyanka Puvar
8 EC International Conference in Information, Signal and Communication (ICISC 2011) Dr. V. K. Thaker 05.02.2011 to 06.02.2011
9 EC Pre-Conference Tutorial of ICISC 2011 Prof. Bhavik R.Patel 04.02.2011
10 EE Lecture series on “Network and Web programming using advanced java Prof. Sanjay Bhanderi
Prof. Urmi Agrawat
26.01.2011 to 29.02.2010
11 EC Workshop on “ Simulation of Optical Systems” Prof. Pravin Prajapati 28.10.2010
12 EE Expert Lecture on “Recent trends in Switchgear” Dr. Bhavesh Bhalja 11.10.2010
13 CE/IT Workshop on “Advanced J2EE Technology” Prof. Urmi Agravat
Prof. Sanjay Bhanderi
09.10.2010 to 10.10.2010
14 FT Industrial motivation campaign for entrepreneurship development Dr. A. S. Kulkarni 08.10.2010
15 EC Workshop on “Micontroller: Fundamental and Application” Prof. Ankit Suthar 09.10.2010
16 CE Workshop on ASP.NET Prof. Aniruddha Kurtkoti 07.10.2010 to 09.10.2010
17 EE Expert Lecture on “SCADA hardware, software and PLC application” Prof. B.U.Kansara 04.10.2010
18 CE/IT Workshop on “Android Programming” Prof. Anirudh Kurtkoti
Prof. Shalini Singh
30.09.2010 to 01.10.2010
19 IT Seminar on “Windows phone Web Matrix” Prof. Tejas Vasavada 23.09.2010 to 24.09.2010
20 IT Workshop on “Ethical hacking & Information Security” Prof. Sudhir Vegad 13.09.2010 to 14.09.2010
21 EE Expert Lecture on “Distributed generation reforms in Indian Power sector” Prof. H.A. Shah 09.09.2010
22 CE Workshop on “JOOMLA: Latest Content Management” Prof. Anirudh Kurtkoti 18.08.2010
23 FT Innovation of Food Processing in the 21st century Dr. S.Srivastav 08-06-2010 to 10-06-2010
24 ME Revisiting Mechanical Engineering Prof. K.A.Desai 27-03-2010
25 EC Recent Trends in High Level Digital Design Prof. Umesh Lad 16-03-2010
26 CE/IT OOPS- Coder par Excellence Prof. D.J.Prajapati 07-02-2010

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