Food Processing Technology Department Profile

With four-fold mission of teaching, training, research & extension, the department endeavours to develop top of the order graduate engineers in Food Processing Technology capable of serving the rapidly growing Indian food industry

• To educate, train and produce professionals with knowledge and practical skills in the areas of food engineering & technology who would take up national and international positions in food processing industries, academia and government
• To produce engineering professionals who understand, develop and extend novel technologies for better preservation, processing, storage and value addition to agro-products with the aim of preventing post harvest losses, supporting the farmers and exporting quality processed food products in a sustainable way

Programme Outcomes
The Food Processing Technology is an engineering discipline that integrates engineering, science and biological sciences in one curriculum. It emphasizes basic knowledge as well as its application in the area of food technology and engineering. The curriculum covers the most recent frontiers of technology along with in-depth learning and training to develop strong programs to meet the educational objectives. The 04-year B.E. Food Processing Technology curriculum encompasses: Basic Engineering, Basic Sciences Engineering Mathematics, Food Engineering & Technology, Industrial Visits & Training, Computational & Language Skills Training and Personality Development Programme.
The educational objectives of our undergraduate education programs have been aligned with the mission of the department and the institute that meets the needs of our constituents and stakeholders. It is dedicated to preparing students for gainful careers characterized by steady professional growth. The Food Processing Technology department produces graduates with a strong foundation of scientific and technical knowledge who are equipped with problem solving, teamwork and good communication skills that is designed to serve them throughout their careers consistent with the following Educational Objectives

Programme Educational Objectives
• Integrate engineering and basic sciences to develop skills in engineering analysis and design and development of food processing and preservation systems for value addition in foods, agricultural resource utilization and environmental conservation.
• To produce graduates who shall lead and participate in efforts to address technical, social and economic challenges through effective collaborations and innovations.
• Pursue careers as practicing food engineers and technologists in fields such as processed food production, food quality control, new product development, food storage, food bio-waste processing and bio-energy and bio-process engineering.
• Graduates will become capable to start-up and grow their own new firms. They will become recognized experts working in government institutions, consulting firms and international organizations around the country and the world addressing challenging issues.
• Pursue and succeed in advanced studies in disciplines such as Food Engineering and science, Food Technology, Food Packaging, Food Quality and Management etc.
• Graduates will assume competent leadership roles, display professionalism and industrious activity in their profession and other activities.
• Graduates will become researchers and faculty in key areas who would create and disseminate new knowledge in food engineering and technology.

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