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Faculty Name Dr. Ajay R. Tapre
Qualification B.Tech. (FT), M.Tech. (FT), Ph D (FT)
Designation Associate Professor
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International Journal
Tapre A.R. and Jain R.K. (2014). “Optimization of an enzyme assisted banana pulp clarification process. International Food Research Journal, 21(5):2043-2048, 2014 (ISSN 1985-4668)2014
Tapre A.R. and Jain R.K. (2014). Pectinases: Enzymes for Fruit Processing Industry: A Review. International Food Research Journal, 21(2): 447-453, 2014 (ISSN 1985-4668)2014
Tapre A.R. and Jain R.K. (2012). “Optimization of process variables for enzymatic clarification of banana pulp” International Journal of Emerging trends in Engineering and Development. Issue 2, Volume 7: 319-330 (E- ISSN 2249-6149; h index 5).2012
Tapre A.R. and Jain R.K. Study of Advanced Maturity Stages of Banana. International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Studies. 1(3) April-June issue: 272-274, 2012 (ISSN: 2249- 8974)2012
International Conference
National Journal
Tapre A.R. and Jain R.K. (2016). Study of inhibition of browning of clarified banana juice. Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research, 35(2): 155-159, 2016 DOI: 10.18805/ajdfr.v35i2.10723 (ISSN No. Print 0971-4456, Online ISSN: 0976-0563, NASS Rating 3.88)2016
Tapre A.R. and Jain R.K. (2014). Effect of enzymatic treatment on juice yield, viscosity and clarity of banana juice. Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research. 33 (1):25-31. (ISSN No. Print 0971-4456, DOI: 10.5958/j.0976-0563.33.1.006; NASS Rating 3.88)2014
P. Ganorkar, A. Nandane and A. Tapre. Reverse Osmosis for Fruit Juice Concentaration – A Review. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Food Science and Technology, 1(1):23-36 April 2012 (ISSN: 0022-1155 print, 0975- 8402 online2012
A.S. Nandane, A.R. Tapre and R.C. Ranveer. Applications of Bacteriosins as Bio-preservative in Foods: A Review. ADIT Journal of Engineering, 4(1): 50-55, Dec.2007 (ISSN: 0973 3663)2007
B.K. Sakhale, A.S. Nandane, A.R. Tapre and R.C. Ranveer. Studies on Dehydration of Curry leaves. ADIT Journal of Engineering, 4(1): 62-64, Dec. 2007 (ISSN: 0973 3663)2007
R.C. Ranveer, V.N. Pawar, B.K.Sakhale And Tapre A.R. Effect of storage conditions on the degree of browning of raisins. Bioinfolet , 4(3): 235-238,2007 (0973- 1431 print, 0976-4755 online)2007
Tapre, A.R., P.S. Kadam And B.S. Agarkar. Effect of activation of lactoperoxidase system (LP-system) on the keeping quality of raw buffalo milk. The Indian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics, (2005) 42,30. (ISSN: 0022-3174)2005
A.R. Sawate, V.P. Patil, P.U. Ghatge, R.B. Kshirsagar and A.R.Tapre. Studies on effect of syruping and drying methods on quality of papaya candy. Journal of Soil and Crops, 15(1) June. 2005 (ISSN: 0971-2836)2005
R.B. Kshirsagar, A.R. Sawate, T.G.Bendale, B.S.Agarkar and A.R.Tapre. Effect of pretreatments on quality characteristics of selected varieties of frozen Green arhar / Tur(Cajanus cajan). Indian Food Packer, 58(6): 159-164, 2004(ISSN: 0019-4808)2004
National Conference
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Life member Indian Society for Technical Education(ISTE), New Delhi- 110 016 ( LM 57799)
Life member The Institution of Engineers, India (Memb No. M-148360-3 Regn No. 140200850060)
Life member Life member of Association of Food Scientists & Technologists (India), CFTRI, India (Membership No. AFST/LM/7-2018/VVN/2085)