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Education is said to be the transmission of knowledge, culture and civilization.

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It gives me immense pleasure to greet and welcome you all on behalf of the entire ADIT family.

Pandya Anand
Assistant Professor
B.E.(IT), M.Tech.(CE), PhD Pursuing
Academics:8 Years

Industry: 0 Year

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Events & Activities
  • "A Review: Energy efficient clustering protocols for Wireless Sensor Network", International Journal of Advance Research in Science and Engineering IJARSE, Vol. No.4, Special Issue (01), ISSN-2319-8354(E), March 2015.

  • "A novel energy efficient routing approach using multipath ring routing and clustering for WSN", Proceedings of the CUBE International Information Technology Conference, ACM, ISBN: 978-1-4503-1185-4, DOI 10.1145/2381716.2381744, SEP ? 2012.

  • "Performance Evaluation of Multipath Ring Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network", Proc. Of the International Conferences on Advances on Computer, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, 2012 @ Universal Association of Computer and Electronics Engineers ISBN 978-981-07-1847-3, doi:10.3850/978-981-07-1847-3 P0924, JULY - 2012.

  • "Design and Simulation of Advance MODLEACH for Wireless Sensor Network", International Conference on Computer, Communication and Control (IC4), IEEE, DOI: 10.1109/IC4.2015.7375648, Sept ? 2015.

  • "Impact of Multiple Sink Nodes over Single Sink Node on Wireless Sensor Network using Multipath Ring Routing Protocol", Conference on Emerging Vistas of Technology in 21st Century (Organized by Gujarat Technological University), April ? 2012.

  • "Comparison of Enhanced Overlay Scheme and Multipath Ring Routing Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network", Conference on Emerging Vistas of Technology in 21st Century (Organized by Gujarat Technological University), April ? 2012.

  • "Enhanced Clustering Algorithm for Classification of Datasets", International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology (IJERT), Vol. 2 Issue 3, ISSN: 2278-0181, March ? 2013.

  • "Edge Computing: Design a Framework for Monitoring Performance between Datacenters and Device of Edge Networks", International Journal of Computer and Mathematical Sciences, ISSN 2347 ? 8527, Volume 6, Issue 6, June 2017.

  • "Process Migration in Heterogeneous Systems", International Journal for Scientific Research and Development, vol 1, Issue 7, ISSN: 2321 ? 0613, Sept 2013.

  • "Retrieving a Process Control Block (PCB) of Each Process Executing in Client System using RPC", International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development, ISSN: 2348-4470, Vol: 03, Issue: 02, Feb, 2016.

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