Computer Engineering Department Profile

To be considered as outstanding department in computer engineering to provide excellent teaching to produce globally competent qualified computer engineering professionals so he/she may enter and grow in a professional career

To train the students to have theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of computer engineering; to produce graduates for the computer engineering, who are observant, inquisitive and open to new technologies for developing better solutions

Programme Outcomes
• Demonstrate an ability to apply the knowledge of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering appropriate to the development of software systems to solve real world problems
• Demonstrate an ability to analyze a problem and design a computing system or a component or a process confirming to standards using various methodologies and architectures
• Be able to analyze and understand an existing software & hardware system and extend the system to meet evolving requirements
• Demonstrate an ability to implement and test a computing system or a component or a process, to evaluate and compare efficiencies of alternative solutions
• Demonstrate an understanding of the emerging technologies and a working knowledge of software and hardware tools
• Be able to interact professionally with peers and clients with diverse cultures and medium of communication located in geographically dispersed locations in the context of computing and software engineering
• Have the knowledge of professional and ethical responsibilities in the corporate sector and be aware of Contemporary issues
• Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in both verbal and written form
• Have an ability to analyze the social and human context of computing and be aware of contemporary issues
• Recognize the need for continuing education, research and professional development
• Possess the knowledge and skills for employability and to succeed in national and international level competitive examinations
• Graduates will understand the impact of professional engineering solutions in environmental contexts and the need for sustainable development

Programme Educational Objectives
• To establish a productive Computer Engineering career in industry, government or academia
• To engage in professional practice of computer engineering
• To promote the development of innovative systems and solutions using hardware and software integration
• To promote analytical aspects of design and research to motivate development of real-time applications in an optimized way
• To endorse design and implementation of various interdisciplinary products and services
• To encourage skills like leadership, entrepreneurial ability and strong communication
• To encourage the student for developing holistic and more productive work environment
• To nurture and mentor students for design, implementation, and programming of digital computers and computer-controlled electronic systems
• To nurture and mentor for strong moral character, positive attitude, emotional quotient, spiritual quotient

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