Lab Facility

Applied Sciences & Humanities laboratory

Language & Communication Skills Laboratory

This is a Language laboratory for the Entry level students, i.e. first level students. They perform practical language tasks here like debate, discussion, speeches, dialogues, phonetics practice, etc. The laboratory aims at providing stage for the language exposure. It has a PC and a tape recorder for listening-speech tasks.

Physics Laboratory
Physics laboratory is divided into following areas: Electronics Semiconductor Physics Elastic properties Sounds Some experiments are related to basics of semiconductors like V-I characteristics of different diodes, Band gap and resistivity measurement of semiconductor by Four Probe technique. In this laboratory, students perform practicals on applications of semiconductors like solar cell and Hall Effect. Laboratory also observes experiments related to ultrasonic sound waves.

List of Equipments

1. CRO, DMM, Bread Board, Power supply, Function Generator
2. Circuit Board, Connecting wires
3. Young’s Modulus set Up (NV 6040)
4. Ultrasonic measurement unit (NV6109)
5. Band Gap measurement unit (NV 6105)

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